VerQuer crosses borders: This modern flute quartet combines classics, jazz, latin, tango, contemporary music and much more within one concert.

With all kinds of flutes from piccolo to contra bass flute and miscellanous percussion Katrin Gerhard, Daniel Agi, Britta Roscher und Maximilian Zelzner since 1999 conquer the audience´s sympathies.

Whether they turn into a rock band by fluteboxing and rough sounds or mutate to a marching band from the Balkans by breakneck fast solos  - their furios and chameleonic mix offers variety for ears and eyes. Get infected by the joyous playing of VerQuer and follow them on the quartet´s new paths of 21th century music!

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Konzert in der Kommende Lengmoos/ Tirol

Konzert in Nettetal

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… Staunen und Applaus beim Publikum …

(Süddeutsche Zeitung)

… enorme technische Experimentierfreude und musikalische Verspieltheit …

(Frankfurter Rundschau)

Herausragend war das Querflöten-Quartett VerQuer, das seinem Namen alle Ehre machte…

(Wochenblatt Seeheim-Jugenheim)