Concert for kids

Puffing, snorting, bubbling, clattering-
A concert in the jungle with VerQuer flute quartet

We experience a Day in the jungle with many instruments, thunderstorms and adventures! Who can puff like whirlwind? Who can change his body into a drum set and who wants to join when magic sounds will be conjured out of big and small flutes? You´re very welcome! Will the animals in the jungle also like our flute music?

A concert with four flutists and fourteen instruments revealing the music of the 20th and 21st century for children.

Getting active themselves, joining process and guided listening are the central topics of this concert concept. Children my collect new listening experiences and positive impressions, will be integrated as musical partners and thereby animated to a attentive listening. The ensemble performs by heart and without dividing music stands. So a direct contact to the young audience is guaranteed.

Duration: about 55 minutes for children age 4 upwards

The pieces for this concert come from the regular concert program and are shortened and arranged due to the age of the kids. There are rhythmic and percussive actions they take part in, hints for listening and explanations to the instruments played by VerQuer.

If expected, VerQuer may provide further material for consolidation, e.g. orchestra of bottles, building panpipes, dancing, drawing.