VerQuer 2

This album contains Works and pieces from Herbie Hancock, John Dowland, Arcangelo Corelli, Tilmann Dehnhard und others. Enjoy a special highlight with the flute boxing arrangement of Michael Jackson´s "Beat it".
A "must have" for every flute fan!

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  1.     Cantaloupe Pieces - Herbie Hancock/Average White Band (arr. M. Zelzner/S. Wagner)
  2.     Come Again - The Right Honourable Robert, Earl of Essex, high Marshall of England, his Galliard - John Dowland (arr. B. Roscher)
  3.     Uptime - Heike Beckmann
  4.     La Follia - Arcangelo Corelli
  5.     Beat it - Michael Jackson (arr. M. Zelzner)
  6.     Workers Union - Louis Andriessen
  7.     A nightingale sang in berkeley Square - Manning Sherwin (arr. K. Mikovic)
  8.     Wake up! - Tilmann Dehnhard (arr. S. Wagner)
  9.     Riverdance - Bill Wheelan (arr. K. Gerhard)

VerQuer - flutes unlimited

"VerQuer-flutes unlimited" was recorded August 2004 at "Loft" Cologne with works by Heike Beckmann, Dieter Weberpals, Heiner Wiberny, Anne LaBerge and many others. Premier release of works by Benedikt Brydern and Günther Zabernigg.

Price 15,- € plus postage costs.
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  1. Mariam - Dieter Weberpals  (arr. VerQuer)
  2. Ulla in Africa - Heiner Wiberny
  3. Silent Movie - Benedikt Brydern
  4. Bourrée - J. S. Bach / Ian Anderson (arr. v. B. Roscher)
  5. The Priest and the Magician - Günther Zabernigg
  6. Levada - Heike Beckmann
  7. Rough Diamond - Anne La Berge
  8. Libertango - Astor Piazzolla (arr. v. R. Malheiros)
  9. Philadelphia Mambo - Tito Puente (arr. v. M. Zelzner) 
  10. Peace - Horace Silver (arr. v. S. Wagner) 

Tracks 3 and 5 are premiere recordings.